Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nut Butter

Cat inspired me to write a new blog post so here goes....

Nut butter, hehe. My obsession with peanut butter has been long-standing.  Besides tennis, many of my other hobbies do not have the same longevity as my love of peanut butter. Yes, I did just call eating peanut butter a hobby. I did so because it makes me happy and I look at it as a pastime. Think about it, what else has comforted you more than eating a PB and J sandwich? (Don't answer if you hate PB or have a severe allergy to the nut.) PB is there to hide vegetables that I hate, to fill chocolate cups, sustenance or to cheer up the 5 year old me when I had a bad day.

FINE! I also called it a hobby because that is what it has turned into. For the past two years, I've been talking about making peanut butter. My inspiration came from the Whole Foods natural peanut butter machine. My god was what easy! Quickly thereafter arrived the Cuisinart, an email to Justin of Justin's Nut Butter, nuts from the farmers' market, a domain and the name, "I Can't Believe It's Nut Butter." The first attempt of deshelling worked but was completely unrealistic. I then discovered a great company in Georgia that would become my main supplier. Our fridge began to fill up with PB and I was off! That may be an overstatement, I was off like a snail, not a horse.

To help motivate, start grinding and stop being a dilettante, I decided what better way than to shame myself publicly. It worked for my dating life, right? Right...

So what's taking so long?

To start, finances. I must maintain my day job to be able to afford the hobby. Sometimes the day job turns into a night job and I'm frankly just too tired to come home and bake. Perhaps Kickstarter is the answer. Second major setback is my many other passions and desires. I constantly debate about giving law school another try. A real try. There is also my desire to make the planet a better place for generations of my mini cupcakes. Although I do wonder if I moved to a more sustainable city if this passion would subside. While in SF I was happy to live my life knowing that the city was doing its part. In Nashville, I want to lead a major overhaul. Finally, my love of Asia and Asian Studies. The degree, while interesting, has proved to be less useful below the Mason-Dixon line.

In a nutshell, couldn't help myself, I'm try to get this thing going. At the very least my friends can enjoy some tasty free nut butter.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The lost posts

I fell in love this weekend. He was deep, hot, enticing and full of sparks. He comforted me after a long week at work. He brought ecstasy to my mouth. Sure he was difficult in the beginning but once we let our guards down and became comfortable I could not resist. I don't know how I have lived the past 28 years without him in my life. What is the name of this magical being?

His name is Fry Daddy. Bianca introduced us and I am hooked. I can not stop thinking about him. My taste buds keep asking, when are we going to see him again!!!

Roll Call!

Funnel Cake------------------------Check
Mashed Potatoes-------------------Check
Baked Potatoes---------------------Check
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups---------Check
Hush Puppies-----------------------Check
Corn Dogs--------------------------Check
Chicken Nuggets-------------------Check
Smores bars-----------------------Check

Fresh green beans-----------------Check
Portobello mushroom-------------Check

And to top it off we had a bucket of Margaritas! Maybe it was the tequila that made us fall in love. Anyway, this is the story of my first, second, third, fourth love!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So what if I still don't have a plan!

I feel like I have recently surrounded myself with people who have plans. This is great, except it reminds me of how much I don't have a plan. I've never been a planner. I am constantly forgetting something at home. I spend 99% of my planning abilities at work or on the micro-level. I still recall an ex telling me, "I wish you would figure out what you want to do with your life. It's going to be great whatever it is." Still waiting.... Sure it hurt at the time but I feel like I'm falling more into the "so what" category. When I over-planned things didn't always pan out the way I imagined they would so why can't I just go with it? In a world where I have applied to what feels like a 100 jobs and I can't get past an informational call, it's hard to make a career plan. We'll see what happens in the future but for now I think I'm going to be a cheerleader for everyone else's plans.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Long Time, No See

Um, yeah, true to form this resolution vanished as quickly as my pantsuit. To give myself credit I rocked the pantsuit for 3 full weeks until I ran out of button up shirts. A trip to the dry cleaner is in order but I need a Groupon first. You can see my dilemma. To keep the glass half full I have managed to brunch monthly and happy hour weekly. It's the little things that count. I also had a huge win when I got my Vancouver vacation approved. How aboot that Canada?

Other updates:

I'm now 4 cooking classes in and I still can't make grilled cheese but I have faith in my ability to make chili.

Hooray! The peanut butter making is back on! Not only that but after some Chopped inspiration I whipped up a peanut butter cream and shoved it inside of a cupcake. It's my version of a funny bone.

The Wire. I can't tell you the last time I wanted to skip work and stay home watching television. It might have been Dawson's Creek when I rewatched the entire show back in 2004. Season 5 so far speaks me, I think it's because it reminds me of my roommate and friends. The newsroom seems so exciting, the camaraderie is endearing. It also reminds of when NT used to sell me back free sodas at work. Sure it annoyed the heck out of me but I can't knock her hustle. That's what I want in my new 9-5 home, camaraderie and jokes.

After a truly upsetting wake up call, I was reminded life is short and you better take advantage of it.

Related to the above I'm still trudging along and attempting to find a new 9-5 "home." After three years of searching it almost becomes comical at this point. I mean really, how many applications can one fill out? I'll let you know when I finally find something.

My bacon love runs deep, so far three people have contacted me about the new Jack in the Box milkshake. I'm transparent, what can I say?

And finally puppygate! We will start the dog search this weekend. I'll need my main squeeze to reign in my desire to take home every puppy I see. I'll commend him in advance because in his words, "sometimes there is no stopping me."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4 Days in and...

I've really been on a roll. Tonight is my first time volunteering at the Whole Foods Kitchen. I will attempt to be the teacher's prep cook for her sushi training class. Why am I doing this, well for starters I want to know how to make sushi, and for finishers, I get to eat it after class is over. Yep, 2012 is about saving and free meals are part of that agenda. Once I volunteer for 4 classes I get a 5th class free, as a participant, not a volunteer. I'm excited, possibly thinking about taking the french cuisine class. I'm hoping I can convince the teacher to let me hold my own private Chopped competition there.

(Tasting with knife) This puree is a little thick, almost like baby food. The spices were there but the texture is off. In regards to the rest of your plate, I think as a whole it's very thoughtful. It brings me back to a happy place. When a plate can do that, it's a winner in my book.

Here's to hoping that by the end of 2012 I can successfully make a grill cheese sandwich or even better, a cupcake!

Other updates:

I have successfully suited up for 3 days of work. I can't say it's comfortable but I do feel a difference. "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have."

As much as it hurts, I have narrowed it down to 4-5 weddings this year. I just can't afford 8, when you start breathing hard in your fake cube just thinking about it you know tough decisions need to be made.

I am attempting to network into something bigger and better. It's never worked before but it doesn't mean it can't happen!!!

I am taking a vacation for myself. One where I can have a cocktail at 3pm if I want, where I can sleep until 12 but really get up at 9 well rested and excited about the day, one where I can feel like, phew, I'm relaxed AND saw someplace new. If I wish it, it will come.

I hope I don't read this post in 7 months thinking, whoa, maybe I was a little ambitious about the year.

Also, why is everyone up in arms about the Iowa caucuses. It's always been a weird state and hasn't indicated anything in the past. Maybe it's because I've always been a registered independent and have never been able to vote in the primaries anyway. Thanks TN for allowing me to vote this year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

140 Character Year in Review

Well it's been long overdue so here's a year in review. I'm typing from my new snazzy, dazzy iPad so it's going to be short. I've been in the south over two years now. I haven't fit in and I guess it shows. My boss in the past few months told me I should move back up north. I've found a fellow Jets fan but I kind of don't want to claim him. My favorite line of his, not to me, "Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you if you have an eating disorder?" Yeah, this is what I'm up against. He's not doing my state well. I've also been called a NY pizza snob but it was supposed to be a compliment....Even so I have truly enjoyed Nashville as a city. Austin may claim to be Music City but Nashville still rules. Did you know the Nash is the last place to have giant commercial buildings filled with songwriters trying to make a buck in a cubicle? It's one of a kind. Other news, I half-heartedly joined a running group, took hula, sewing and signed up for cooking classes. I lost my 20's feline companion and gained another. Finally, I may not have gotten the promotion at work but I have been on an epic winning spree; jeans, $200 in groceries, fashion show tix, brewers night tix, retweet by Mayer Hawthorne and I got my friend nominated for a magazine mini-spread!

My resolutions as of the today are suit up for work, find a new job, reintroduce weekly Friday happy hour, monthly bunching, destress and continue on the weight loss train. Finally, I plan on keeping up the blog. Here's to 2012!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thieving Bastards!

Dear Editor,

As the swarm of old school cars filled South Congress I felt at ease. They were reminiscent of a time of safety, good fun and morals. The soda shop on upper South Congress reinforced these memories. I didn't grow up in the 1950's but my mother and father did; they told me stories of good, clean fun. There was a faith in humanity. Two people would get into a fight and the worst that could happen was some punches were thrown. Sure I get part of this from the media, like I said, I never lived it, but people didn't pull out a gun and shoot you because you were going too slowly on the highway. Maybe there was, but it didn't seem as prevalent. With the masses that piled South Congress my beliefs were more solidified; families, young adults, the elderly all joined together to watch good music and see some fancy cars.

Riding on my high, we went to Magnolia Cafe for dinner. In my sleepiness I left my sunglasses on the table. I called the cafe the following morning and sure enough they were there. (They are very distinct.) Again, I felt this sigh of relief, see people do care about others! When I finally made it up there the night manager said, "Well they may have been here but they went missing..." My faith in humanity was crumbling quickly. He promised to call the woman I talked to on the phone that morning. By the evening I hadn't received a call back. I followed up, still nothing. In the morning I called the manager and he said to me, "A worker or customer may have taken them." He says this nonchalantly, "taken them", oh you mean STOLE them. When did morals become so fluid? When did stealing become taking, and a fist punch become a gun shot? When was the last time you stopped to help out a stranger? What disturbs me even more is the manager's lack of compassion. If one of his workers is taking someone else's property, what else are they taking? I told him he should have a talk with them about taking items that aren't theirs; he didn't seem to think it was necessary.

Times aren't like they used to be and people may not be as willing to help each other out. As I may never see my sunglasses again, or maybe I will on e-bay, I am thankful to Austin for this past weekend's events. The car show made me all warm and fuzzy inside. It reminded of a time when it wasn't every man for himself.


Cupcake G

(1st time visitor to Austin)